We all participate or co-design communities today. Small, large, online or offline.
We do it because we need to be together, to share ideas, passions and avoid loneliness.

Communities, if well designed, are the services of today and tomorrow. Helping them grow and become sustainable over time is our goal.

The aim of this masterclass is to provide both a theoretical preparation on Community Design topics and to guide participants in the design of communities through the original methodology and tools of the Community Toolkit.

Our method is based on a short phase of vision or re-design of the community to allow the community managers to move quickly to an iterative path of actions, a process that allows us to better manage the unpredictability of communities.

During the masterclass, you will alternate theoretical moments, case study analysis, and individual work on your community with the tools of the Toolkit and with the feedback of the Community Design Toolkit team.
The Masterclass is divided into 4 modules of 3 hours each divided as follows:
1 _ The method and vision of a community
2 _ Creating communities: navigating uncertainty
3 _ Community governance
4 _ Community touchpoints

1. The method and vision of a community

Introduction to the training path, understanding of the method, and beginning of the first phase.
The Visioning phase aims at creating the identity of the community. In this phase we reflect on the value proposition that holds the community together, its openness, the existing resources, the profile of potential members.

How do communities change today? What are their opportunities?
The community toolkit method and the different phases
Visioning: what is a community vision for? How can we design it?

Community vision, Profiles, Openness

2. Creating communities: navigating uncertainty

Start of the prototyping phase.
The Prototyping phase is composed of many small actions (provocations) aiming at verifying how people respond to stimula designed in the visioning phase, and at offering a space for members to start expressing themselves within the community. For each action, we first identify evaluation criteria to monitor and redesign the next action.

How to activate a community? What is the best way to make people interested and to facilitate relationships and exchange?
How to observe and evaluate actions and reactions? How to decide the success of a specfic action? What is the impact it will have on the community?

The Provocateur, the Monitor

3. Community Governance

The organisation of a community is composed of both the body that proposes it and the members to whom roles and activities must be entrusted. It is then necessary to identify the roles and responsibilities necessary to manage the community: on one side, what members can do for the community; on the other side, what the organization needs to do to enable the community members. Besides identifying the roles and enabling memebrs to collaborate, the organization needs to motivate, and reward, the work done.

What are the roles of a community?
What are the activities entrusted to members for each role? And what are the responsibilities?
What are the competencies and roles of the organisation to enable the community? What are the motivations of the members to participate?
How to reward members for their activities?

Governance map, Rewards map

4. Touchpoints

Relations between the organisation and the community are based on processes that are very different from the corporate silos, and fields, we are used to know. We will focus on the function and application of these processes and we will leave some time open to discuss the path and doubts about our community.

How to relate to your community?
What do the members of your community expect the organization to do?


Touchpoint Map

Next Masterclass dates

16th – 19th December
3-6pm CET
Lessons will run on Zoom platform


The masterclass cost is 400€ + VAT (488€ VAT included)

Community Design Masterclass will provide participants with an official Community Design Toolkit certificate.

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