Governance Map

Define roles, responsibilities and activities

What is it for

The governance Map aims to identify the main roles within the Community (potential or already existing) and proposing entity, defining for each one their responsibilities and activities.

The categories with which the roles within a community can be identified according to our studies are 4:

User: those who use the service passively without producing value for the community.
Supporter: those who have actively joined the community and produce value for it
Activist: those who use the service repeatedly and play a role within the community
Contact person: those who are a real point of reference for the organization and who co-operate in its construction.

The further away from the centre the roles are, the more subjects that become part of that group.
The further away from the centre the roles are, the less people are active and involved in building the community.

There are no predefined categories for the proposing entity because these will be defined together during the workshop.

How to use it

The tool is divided into two main parts to be filled in sequence: a half moon divided into the 4 categories mentioned above (referent, activist, supporter, user) which helps to bring out the main roles of the community or that we expect will be central in its development. On the right hand side it will be possible to decline each category in responsibilities and activities of their competence.

We recommend starting from the outer circle (user) and then proceeding to identify the other figures.
Once we have analyzed the individual roles (which may take the form of entities, individuals, informal groups) we can proceed to reflect on the activities and responsibilities of each of them.
Then we proceed to define the roles within the organization that have the task of managing the community, the responsibilities and the activities that they must perform.

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