Community toolkit proposes a three-step path:Visioning, Prototyping and Growing.

Communities, being composed of people, are highly unpredictable: for this reason it would be useless to extend a phase of vision and planning. In our path, the vision or re-design phase of the community is streamlined and reduced to the minimum necessary to allow us to quickly move on to a path of actions, verification and monitoring with the people themselves, what we call the prototyping phase. Following this, we move on to the growth setting phase, which will then be tested again through a prototype in a continuously iterative process.

How do I imagine the community?

The Visioning phase aims at creating the identity of the community. This phase reflects on the openness of the community, existing resources, the profile of potential members and their motivation to participate. This phase ends with the launch of an action that causes change (prototype).

What happens if…

The Prototyping phase is composed of many small actions (provocations) that aim to verify how people respond to what was thought in the visioning phase, and to offer a space for people to start expressing themselves within the community. For each action we identify the evaluation criteria that allow monitoring and design the next action.

How to manage – maintain

The Growing phase aims to redefine the community and strengthen it to prepare it for growth. We work on governance (roles, responsibilities, rewards) and the medium-term engagement strategy.