Rewards Map

Define motivation and rewards

What is it for

The Rewards Map aims to identify, on the basis of the roles and related activities previously identified, what are the motivations that drive members to action and what rewards the organization can provide.

The level of involvement, i.e. whether the member of the community is a user, a supporter, an activist or a referent, leads to a variation of both the motivations for involvement and the appropriate rewards coming from the organization. In general, it is possible to define what the expectations, even unconscious, of community members are for each level of involvement: when they are users, what they expect from the organization is to be welcomed; when they become supporters, they expect the brand to offer them visibility; when they become activists, they expect to gain access to the brand, and finally, when they become referrals, they imagine real privileges.

The motivations that drive the community can be both intrinsic, which means that they pay back inner emotions - and therefore related to values of status, recognition, fulfillment,.... - or extrinsic, i.e. economic or otherwise opportunistic. In the same way the rewards range from rewards linked to the economic sphere to co-design.

How to use it

The tool can only be used once the Governance Map has been completed and the roles, responsibilities and activities they perform have been identified.
The tool is then compiled starting from the motivations for each type of member: if a supporter carries out certain activities, what are the motivations that motivate him/her to carry them out?
The second step, once the motivations are assumed, is to understand what categories of rewards the organization can provide, and list them in the left column. This step can be facilitated with cards. Once you have filled in the abscissa and the ordinate of our table, you will specify the rewards, depending on the type, which can be consistent with the motivations and expectations related to the phase of - e.g. a user in the reception phase can be driven by motivations of learning and discovery, and a financial reward can be a discount code for friends, and within the connections a presentation at the time dedicated each month.

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