The Provocateur

Define the next action for the community

What is it for

The provocateur aims to provoke, or rather trigger, the next action to be taken to activate or reactivate your community (start it, make it grow, improve its aspects, ...).
Starting from the resources that the community has at its disposal (contacts, places, channels, opportunities to meet), one goes to identify short-term and sufficiently realistic objectives, to then define an action that aims to achieve one or more of these objectives: a punctual, concrete and achievable action in a short time.

It is an iterative tool: in fact, we suggest to reuse it, after completing the action, to check if the objectives have been achieved and then give new objectives and identify the next action.

- It is useful both in creating a new community and in managing the growth or change of an existing community.

- We recommend using it in conjunction with the "action plan" tool.

How to use it

The tool is divided in two parts to be filled in sequence: a semicircle with 4 segments (contacts, places, channels, occasions), which helps to reflect on what you have at your disposal and what are the objectives you can reasonably set yourself, and a section below dedicated to the definition of the next action.

The first part can be completed by considering one segment at a time in its entirety or by considering first the whole semicircle of resources and then the objectives.

It is important that the latter are measurable and compatible with the resources available.
Once the first part has been completed, the target(s) considered to be priority or more easily achievable are selected and, starting from these and the resources indicated, the next action to be taken to achieve them is defined.
The action can then be better detailed through an action plan.

Please note. Some segments or portions might remain empty: it is not necessary to set a target for all 4 aspects.

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