Touchpoint Map

Define channels and moments of relationship

What is it for

The Touchpoint Map aims to identify, weigh and plan the 4 main processes that constitute the relationship between the community manager or the organization and the community. The main activities are:
-assistance, intended as support for the resolution of problems related to the service or project, and to allow the members of thr community to grow
-communication, unambiguous, directed from the organization to the community in order to share information or content
-conversation, in which an exchange takes place and the first contact is not necessarily stimulated by the organization
listening, spontaneously or stimulated to catch needs, novelties, dissatisfactions, new projects, community feedback.
The weight of all the activities, to varying degrees depending on the moment, must go to compose the unit of 100 and allows to stimulate reflection on the available resources, internal to the organization and to the community, which can take charge of the specific actions.
The touchpoints, from which the tool takes its name, are those places, physical or digital, where the contact between the community and the organization takes place, and specifically where the planned activities can be carried out.

How to use it

The tool is divided into two main parts to be filled in sequence: you must first fill in the first column, to make sure you have control over all possible planned activities and above all to verify that the sum of the weight of the activities does not exceed 100%, which would condemn the unsustainability of the activities. Depending on the phase, it is not necessary that all activities take place simultaneously.
It is recommended to continue filling in the table by rows, identifying the digital and physical touchpoint, and which human resources will / could take care of the activity - keep in mind that some activities can be entrusted to direct members of the community.
It is not necessary that all activities marked with weight have both a digital and a physical touchpoint.

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